The LITTLE HORSE microprocessor is designed to control diesel motor pump units for fire Protection.

LITTLE HORSE firepumps controllers are built and tested in compliance with the various fire protection laws and regulations throughout the world.
The engineers of our Research and Development department are qualified to design equipment in compliance with the particular specifications of insurance companies, installers and users themselves.

Our new instrumentation and control cabinets include a powerful microcontroller, for recording the pump’s intake and discharge pressures (bar or PSI), output (m³/h or USGPM) and speed (rpm). The pump’s hydraulic performance curve is displayed in real time on a large plasma screen.

MEDIUM-VOLTAGE STARTING AND CONTROL CABINETOur cabinets for the starting and control of electric motors supplied with 6600-volt medium voltage are a perfect example of this dynamic:

  • Layout study and choice of the best components.
  • Design and manufacture of cabinet boxes.
  • Development of electronic boards.
  • Computer development of control and communication software.
  • Procedures for factory assembly.
  • Electromagnetic compatibility test, controled by Electricité de France, obtaining fire certificates worldwide.


LITTLE HORSE is at the forefront of design in onboard electronic management systems.

  • Remote interrogation by means of a compatible PC and telephone modem system with reception to printer and onscreen display.
  • Simplified maintenance.
  • Adaptation of the unit to the installation.
  • Traceability and chronology of incidents.
  • Display of installation capacity (m³/h) and pressure (mCW or lb/



Besides the modules for electric or diesel motor pump units and generators with electronic controls, LITTLE HORSE has developed a series of PC software programs for remote interrogation, uploading of incidents and maintenance.
Our Eve v1.1 software program uses cutting-edge technology to collect the information necessary for the maintenance diagnosis of your fire protection installation, archival and retrieval of data such as pressure and output measurements, and information management. Traceability always appreciated by insurance companies.


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