AN INNOVATIVE ENERGY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM!Do you want to become autonomous and control your energy expenses ?

Global Power Impact uses Artificial Intelligence through a neural network that records your consumption habits and optimizes the management of different energy sources by making a predictive study of needs.

GLOBALPOWER® Impact is a transportable hybrid micro-power station that provides an autonomous, reliable and responsible energy source. It adapts to the most extreme conditions and is perfectly suited to off-grid areas as well as to grid-connected sites.

The solution takes advantage of a mix of different energy sources to bring you maximum flexibility. Its Plug & Play feature ensures a simple and efficient handling.
The implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the energy management system ensures maximum optimization and scalability of the installation.


GLOBALPOWER® Impact is custom made in order to meet all your needs, taking into account the technical constraints.
Our engineers accompany you throughout the project to offer you a personalized solution.





  • LCOE between 0.15 and 0.30 €/kWh
  • ROI between 3 and 5 years
  • Between 25 and 40% savings over 10 years compared to a genset
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions up to 80%
  • Up to 65% fuel savings



The solution is completed by a range of specific services:

  • Remote control of the installation
  • Collection and analysis of operating data
  • 24/7 emergency service anywhere in the world
  • Engineering consulting
  • Study of the technical and economic environment for an suitable solution
  • Different financing options

You can count on our technical expertise acquired over more than 30 years alongside major players in the building industry for the follow-up of your projects, from the design phase to commissioning.



  • ISOLATED SITES : Off-grid, mining, telecom, agriculture
  • RESIDENTIAL : Individuals, hotels, communities
  • CONSTRUCTION : Construction sites, irrigation, pumping
  • BACKUP SOLUTION : Data centers, industries, refrigeration
  • EMERGENCY : Health field, hospitals
  • EVENTS : Festivals, meetings, organisations
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