Research and development


  • Present in more than 70 countries worldwide.
  • A research and development laboratory serving our various Technical Divisions and Subsidiaries, equipped with the best leading-edge technology.
  • Test platforms (hydraulic tests, torque bench checks of power ratings, torques and corrected torques for diesel engines up to 1500 HP, scenario and wear simulator for our instrumentation cabinets, etc).


  • All our equipment is delivered with a complete set of technical documents: drawings, layout diagrams, electrical diagrams, maintenance and user manuals and spare parts manuals, all available in many languages.
  • Our teams of technicians are available worldwide to start up our equipment and provide staff training on site. They make a technical assessment of the equipment and staff in place, to guarantee optimum fire protection.
  • A specifically adapted training centre for monitoring staff knowledge of sprinkler and “special risks” fire protection.


  • With our privileged partners and customers in mind, we have developed an export finance division, able to offer detailed solutions for project funding. Contact us for more information!
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