The development of our new production facility in Tunisia is a major step forward in the expansion of ENERGY MECHANICAL BUILDING in terms of industrial operations in Africa and the Middle East.
EMB Tunisia

“Our facility in Tunisia gives us the advantage of perfect synergy between these countries and Europe.”

emb tunisiaEMB is specialized in the manufacture of diesel motor pump units and generators.

The Research & Development team is constantly adding improvements to our products. Our instrumentation and control cabinets are a perfect example of this: manufactured by a European company according to our specifications, with zero defect and new functionalities such as traceability, interrogation and control by PC or modem.

DETERMINATION and COMPETENCE of our technical teams:

An international team specialised in design, manufacture and project management in the area of fire protection and firefighting systems.

Our engineers in thermodynamics, fluid dynamics and onboard electronics are constantly seeking to develop innovative and tailor-made solutions.

“Our company has been chosen to accompany the petrochemical industry throughout the world. The largest sites are equipped with LITTLE HORSE installations: Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Mauritania, Ghana, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Jordan, Madagascar, East and West Africa, Polynesia, the West Indies, Japan, China…. Our engineers, technicians and systems communicate our values and know-how to the major industries which are the main driving force of our growth.”

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